Importance Of Wearing A Helmet During Adventures: Everything You Need To Know

Importance Of Wearing A Helmet During Adventures: Everything You Need To Know

Be it cycling, skateboarding, rock climbing, skiing, or any other outdoor activity if there is fun there lies a risk of head injury. This makes the helmet a crucial head protection. Helmets are an essential safety gear that protects your head from injuries in a variety of ways. The importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bike, skateboard, or any other recreational activity that involves potential head injury becomes more essential. So helmet safety is readily available the moment you put it on. This blog reveals everything about the importance of wearing  helmets and why as an adventurer you should really bother about it? Before we delve into the benefits of wearing bike helmets, let's just know what a helmet is.

What is a helmet?

A helmet is a protective headgear that covers your head and is designed to protect your head from injury in case of an impact. Helmets have a hard outer shell made of plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber that can absorb and disperse the impact of a collision. Choosing the right helmet is important, make sure that the helmet meets safety standards. The helmets typically have a hard outer shell and a foam liner that cushions the head. The inner lining of the helmet is made of foam or other cushioning materials that absorb shock and protect your head from getting hurt. 

WCL Helmet Configuration - Importance of wearing helmets

Up for an adventure? Put your helmet on!

There are several known and obvious reasons for wearing a bike helmet. Some are mentioned as a reminder:

  • Prevent head injuries

In the United States & Canada, Med head injury is one of the top causes of injury-related fatalities, so wearing a helmet can make all the difference in keeping the rider safe. The human brain is the most vulnerable part of our body, and traumatic brain injury (TBI), can occur even with a minor blow to the head. A TBI can cause memory problems, speech difficulties, coordination problems, and even a loss of consciousness. Injuries to the head can be severe and may result in permanent brain damage or death. Head injuries can be life threatening and the only way to protect oneself from a lifetime trauma is to snug yourself in a helmet. Helmets protect the head from these types of injuries, minimizing the risk of TBI or even death.

  • Increase safety and better visibility

At times it seems as if light adventures like cycling or simple sports like skating can do no harm but you never know… even a seasoned cyclist or a biker and a skater can land into trouble within no time. So to protect yourself from potential troubles and injuries it's best to take precaution and choosing a helmet can never be an odd one out. Helmets can protect against more than just impacts. They can also protect against sunburn, windburn, and flying debris, depending on the activity.

A helmet absorbs the energy of an impact when the rider falls, which reduces the impact of the blow. Most helmets have reflective qualities that make riders more visible during night-time rides. Additionally, helmets also come in bright colors which increases visibility during the day. 

Green full face helmet
  • Comfort comes first

Comfort is crucial when it comes to a smooth adventure. Do you need to have a hassle free adventure outdoors? Give your helmets a spin! Helmets are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for extended rides. The helmet must be comfortable and fit securely on the head. Also, make sure to check that the helmet is the right type for the activity being performed. Helmets come in variety of shapes, sizes & designs. For instance, half helmets are great for city rides. Full Face helmets provide more safety, but also look so cool.

So, which one should you buy?

Here's our complete helmet buying guide for 2023 
  • Boosts your confidence

Helmets can inspire confidence: Wearing a helmet can inspire confidence and help you feel more secure during activities where there's a risk of injury. When you feel safe and protected, you're more likely to enjoy the activity and perform at your best.

  • Set an example

Be the one who is ready to be exemplary. Show the world that you are civilized enough to know all the pros and cons of an adventure. Be that adventure icon who knows to have fun and protect himself at the same time. Wearing a helmet sets a good example for others, especially children, who are more likely to wear a helmet if they see adults wearing one.

  • Legal requirements

In many countries, wearing a helmet is a legal requirement for certain activities, such as cycling or motorcycling. Not wearing a helmet may result in a fine or penalty. In many states in the United States, wearing a helmet is required by law. Choosing the right helmet is important, make sure that the helmet meets safety standards.

  • Be cautious

Remember, wearing a helmet is not just important, it's essential for protecting your head and preventing serious injury. Don't take unnecessary risks, always wear a helmet when engaging in activities where there's a risk of impact. 

Wearing a helmet is often a matter of personal choice, but understanding the benefits of wearing a helmet can help riders make an informed decision. Investing in a good quality helmet can save lives, and it’s a small price to pay to protect oneself from long-term injuries. Studies have shown that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85% and the risk of brain injury by as much as 88%. Helmets can also reduce the severity of head injuries, which can be the difference between life and death.

Always remind yourself, it’s not just about protecting yourself but also setting an example for others to follow the safety norms. In conclusion, wearing a helmet is crucial for protecting your head during activities where there's a risk of impact.

Choosing the right helmet is equally important to ensure maximum protection. Make sure to wear a helmet that fits properly and meets safety standards. Set a good example for others by wearing a helmet and help create a safer environment for everyone. Helmets can be customized to fit your style and personality. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to find a helmet that reflects your individuality while still providing maximum protection.

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